may i.?


i dunno why this week i feel it so strong. actually it was come into my hearts since last week. but i try to denied it. i try to act like im strong enough to be independent. stay away from my family. react like a "orang besar-besar". but then now i realize that i can't. im still need them. i still need them to accompany me. to hear what i want to say. to talk with me. owh.! it was like so damn when i wake up and when i look around they are not with me.

yesterday i were cried because i can't control myself to being missing them. i feel like i wanna run away to get them immediately. i want to hold their hand. kiss their hand. kiss their cheeks and hug them tightly. i want to say that "mak abah kaklong, i missed all of you so much." :'(

this morning mak was in box me at facebook. she ask me either im ok or not. "mak, kakchik rindu mak." only that i can replied. suddenly my tears drop through my eye. how lucky i am cause i don't have roomate so i can cry any time i want. then mak call me and she heard my voice change. she said "kakchik jangan nangis. dah tak berapa lama jer lagi kakchik dekat sana. nanti bila cuti balik kita duduk makan dengan borak sama-sama ye."

like seriously i can't live without my family. they are my spirit. they are my supporter and they are everything for me. i feel like i can't wait until 13th of oct. to meet them. mak abah i missed you guys so so soooooooooooooooooo much :'(

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