game over..!!!

hollaaaa..peeweettt..!!ok klu tgk pd entry game over..ape game yg dh over nyer neyh..?its game between me,her and him..everything is over since her know everything tonight..between me and him..?over already..!!no more relationship..sory u i have to make a move from this game since this game is over..i try to settle down this game but i don't now where should i explain to her..dear miss if u read this u will know everything..actually we just a best frend..him is net's brother and i is net's sister so we don't ever had a seriously i'm not falling in love with him..i just accept him as net's brother and as 1 of my frend..that's it..!!all the picture in my FB just a picture..we are closed but as i said I'm not in love with him coz i already know about u and u r not supposed to get jealous with that..if u still jealous with the picture I'm so sory dear..ok to him i am so sory..after this don't try to find me every where even dough u know where i am..lastly i wanna say gud bye to him..i am so sory to her and i hope u guys will be happy couple after this..again i want to say that between me farah nadia and him fierdauz razali no heart feeling..!!!!

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